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The IMAGING table contains information about medical imaging orders and the time of subsequent reports. It does not contain medical images or report text.

Field Name Field Description
IMAGING_ID The unique primary identifier of the imaging table
ENCOUNTER_ID The foreign key linking the record to the encounter table
RESULT_TITLE Standardised text description of the type of imaging test performed
ORIG_ORDER_DT_TM The original order date and time for this order.
REPORT_DT_TM The date and time the imaging test result was reported in the system
REASON_FOR_TEST Free-text description of the reason for ordering the imaging test
CURRENT_HISTORY Free-text description of the current medical history of the patient that is associated with this encounter
PAST_HISTORY Free-text description of the past medical history of the patient at the time of ordering the test
REPORT_STATUS Indicates if the imaging report was finalised or modified