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Field Name Field Description
PATIENT_ID The unique primary identifier of the patient table
PPN The unique identifier for the patient provided by the Centre for Health Record Linkage (CHeReL)
PPNDUPFLAG Indicates if this patient is a duplicate (PPN assigned to more than one patient_ID)
CHERELLINKERROR Indicates if this PPN is either suspected or confirmed to be linked to the wrong patient_id. Coded 0 if there is no linkage error, 1 if PPN is linked to the incorrect patient_id, and 2 if the patient_id was not linked to a PPN at all.
NUM_LINKAGE_PENDING The number of encounters for that patient that have no associated APDC record but will be expected to be received in the next APDC linkage update
NUM_UNLINKED_ENCNTR Total number of encounters for that patient where there is no associated APDC record